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Nominee for ILDA Career Achievement Award
Tom Harman

ILDA's Career Achievement Award is for an exceptional individual with a distinguished history of achievement in the laser display industry. The criterion for this award includes:

  • those who helped build significant laser display-related businesses,
  • those who made artistic and technical achievements, and
  • those who worked to improve ILDA and the laser display industry.

Thomas H. Harman of Laser Production Network (LaserNet) has made outstanding contributions in all of these areas. I therefore nominate him for the ILDA Career Achievement Award.

-- Christine Jenkin, LaserNet

Tom Harman


Tom Harman graduated from the University of Florida in 1972. After college he worked in TV news broadcasting. In 1976, he had the chance to interview "the guys" who were doing a laser light show. It did not take him long to get hooked and join the company.

The company was then called "Eye See the Light Show," which started in 1968. They performed laser light shows in planetariums in New York, California, Michigan, Colorado, and Florida all at the same time! In 1983, the company decided to make Miami its headquarters. The newly located company was then called Laser Productions. Today Laser Production Network is 44 years old, and Tom Harman has been its President for 36 years. Alone that might be reason enough for an award, however, Tom has provided much more to our industry.

lf I had to find one word to describe Tom it would be Quality. He brings quality to everything he does. Tom Harman set forth on a path that is still today the company's mantra: "you're only as good as your last show'''. It is this philosophy and Tom's driving force is what keeps LaserNet a step ahead.

LDI Laser Display of the Year Award for 2004 - Click to enlargeTom always provides clients with the best that can be done, going above and beyond to give the client the "Star Wars" dream they have in their head, even if their budget is more akin to a "laser pointer." LDI recognized this ability in 1998, when LaserNet won their "Laser Display of the Year" award, shown at right.

Besides doing laser light shows, Tom decided that the company should also get into manufacturing. We did so in 1986 and today LaserNet manufactures a line of American laser projectors of professional quality. In 2006, Tom received the Club World Award (shown in the photo at top) for "Best Effect Product", for LaserNet's Beam Raider projector.

Ok, that's LaserNet. What about ILDA? Why Tom you ask?


Tom Harman was one of the original founders of ILDA and one of its charter members. He has maintained LaserNet membership in ILDA every single year without fail. Tom is one of only three members to do so over these 25 years.

Tom has supported ILDA in many ways, including hosting the ILDA Conference three different times: 1995, 2008 (shown at right) and 2010. In addition, the 2004 Conference at LDI in Las Vegas was managed by myself (Christine Jenkin) along with Steve Heminover. So that is four Conferences that LaserNet has hosted and run.

He has volunteered himself, his employees, equipment, technical support, and whatever is needed to ILDA time after time without question or reward.


LaserNet is one of just four businesses that have successfully become an "ILDA Accredited Professional Lasershow Company". This is a demanding process where a company demonstrates its laser show experience, training in laser safety, and participation in the entertainment industry. Tom's achievement of the "ILDA Pro" level helps prove LaserNet's qualifications for the top tier of internationally-active laser show companies.


Tom's ideas for show and projector creation continue today. Tom is actually famous for beam and aerial shows. We have repeat clients that demand his presence as no one can do a beam treatment as well as Tom. He won one of the early ILDA awards (long before we had crystals to hand out) in 1988 for one of his beam shows.

He lit up the City of Miami by putting multiple lasers at top 15+ buildings in downtown Miami (right). The event was called Light Up Miami and drew over 250,000 people just to watch the city "light up". Newscasters that night used words like the "Aliens are coming" and "never before has there been so many people downtown at night".

This LaserNet website has photos, videos and other information about LaserNet's performances.


Below are excerpts from testimonial letters by industry leaders. Click here if you want to read a 4-page PDF with the full letters they wrote about Tom.

Matthew Dillingham, President of Advanced Entertainment Services, Las Vegas writes:

"Tom and I have worked on dozens of shows together over these many years. In every one, without exception, he has exemplified professionalism, creativity, and a passion for "doing what's right". His innovations in the laser industry have not only catapulted his company into the proverbial "spotlight", but have been the catalyst for other production related businesses to grow and prosper, my company is one of them."

Steven Pollock, Manager Global Accounts, HelmsBriscoe writes:

"Tom exemplifies the very best in personal integrity, world-class production values, leadership in the community of event professionals, and blazing trails into the future. Tom Harman certainly deserves to be recognized for his Career Achievement!"

Mona Meretsky, CSEP, President of COMCOR Event and Meeting Production, Inc. writes:

"I was thrilled to have Tom join me as a Founding Member when I became the first President of the first chapter of ISES (International Special Events Society) in the state of Florida 25 years ago. Tom served on the Board and was, and still is, an outstanding member who generously contributes to the chapter. His dedication to his craft and attention to detail as well as his professionalism and caring demeanor make him exceptional to work with and a great team member."

Last year's ILDA CAA winner, Steven Heminover of Aura Technologies writes:

"His professional attention to detail and pursuit of perfection are unmatched in the industry. He has always been a both a good friend to me and a supporting peer over many years. Tom is always ready to entertain ideas from outside of his own or his company and also willing to try something new that pushes the boundaries of what has been done before and move the industry to the forefront of laser technology.... As last year's Career Achievement Award winner, I can absolutely state that Tom Harman has the 'Right Stuff' to receive a very long overdue award celebrating his continuing career."

Tom's level of professionalism has actually set a standard in our industry. He brings that professionalism to every client, every meeting, every show he does. Promoting ILDA all along, he has hosted and helped run four ILDA conferences already and donated countless time.

I am proud to know a person of such character and call him my friend, and it is my great honor to nominate Tom Harman for the ILDA Career Achievement Award.

-- Christine Jenkin, March 2012

To vote for Tom, send an email to ILDA at with your name, ILDA member name (e.g., your company), and state that you are casting your CAA vote for Tom Harman. You must be a 2012 ILDA Member in order to cast a vote.


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