Club E11even, Miami

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LaserNet's most recent installation was at Club E11even in downtown Miami. 4 (four) ScannerPro 6 watt RGBB PURE Diode projectors were installed in this upscale nightclub to make the experience even more memorable.
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LIV, Miami

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Stephen Liberman, lighting designer: "That laser [LaserNet's 3W ScannerPro RGB] is amazing, it really makes the club. With typical pump lasers five years ago you could barely see the thing, now all of a sudden the laser is just slicing through the air with really clean optics. It's just an amazing piece of equipment. I'm really happy with it."

RokVegas, Las Vegas

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Mynt and Set, Miami Beach

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Note: The laser in the Mynt photo above is a LaserNet ScannerPro 1200 mW. That's just over one watt -- the light output of this projector is amazing!
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ClubWorld magazine announced "Lasers are Back", in their Dec. 2008 cover article. It featured LaserNet laser light show installations at Mynt and at Set in Miami Beach, and at RokVegas in Las Vegas. From the article:

"... this is not your hippie great-uncle's Laser Floyd show. Tons of innovations have crept into the game since the planetarium was retired...

"Horatio Pugliese, technical supervisor of LaserNet, says that the newer diode lasers are analogous to the LED fixtures currently sweeping the lighting fixture market due to their flexibility and energy efficiency...'We now have the new laser working, generating one watt [of laser light] out of a regular outlet: 110 volts, four amps maximum.... And this cools down using just a few fans on the heads.' Its compact size and weight - 20 lbs. in a square foot box - doesn't hurt either.

"[LaserNet president Tom] Harman's lasers are all fully DMX-compatible, so they're fully synchronous with any lighting effect that can be run from a lighting controller."

The article goes on to describe using lasers in nightclubs for fantastic 3D mirror bounce effects, and the "vintage liquid sky effect". New systems can even project SMS text messages from patrons.

For full details, check out the ClubWorld cover article.

Crobar, New York City

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This huge Manhattan venue is an old factory converted into a state-of-the-art nightclub. They wanted laser light shows, but they wanted more than just green beams. They wanted something different, something new. LaserNet had just the thing!

We installed the first 10 watt Copper Bromide laser -- with gold beams -- in a nightclub in the USA. Remarkably, this high powered laser is air-cooled and operates on 110 V power. We also installed two FiberPro projectors to display the gold beams.

Sapphire, Chicago

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As its name would suggest, this venue wanted blue laser beams. They needed a system that was air cooled and they had a tight budget. LaserNet was able to help. We installed our ScannerPro projector with a 1-Watt air-cooled argon laser system. The result was overwhelming!

The City, Cancun, Mexico

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This nightclub is one of the largest we have ever seen. Hosting over 3000 partygoers nightly, this venue required an extremely large system. We installed two 15-watt white-light lasers into our LaserPro projector. In addition to the LaserPro, we added three FiberPro projectors, two BeamDancer projectors, and over 50 remote bounce mirrors.

This system is also fully automated (the first of it’s kind!) The custom automation system offers complete “one button on and one button off” operation of the entire laser system, including the heat exchangers.

Mansion, South Beach Miami

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The crowning jewel of South Beach for many years, this venue has had a laser in it from the start of the South Beach Deco renovation and LaserNet has been there every step of the way. This venue uses a LaserPro with a full-color dual tube white-light system, to create its laser light shows.

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